Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopping and QT with the Kid's

I am a spender, and I am a shopper, but oddly enough I don't spend alot of money on clothes. My momma taught me how to window shop. Today I bought a rain jacket and a good pair of hiking boots. They cost an obscene amount of money. Clothes in Switzerland are expensive, but I guess good clothes are an investment and I really like my new lime green jacket and blue/grey hiking boots!!

Monika's mother comes from the Italian region of Switzerland, and the Walter's cuisine reflects this. Today for lunch Monika cooked the LONGEST spaghetti I have ever seen. She told me in Italy it is considered a sin to cut your spaghetti :). She also told me a story about a German-Swiss woman who was taking care of an Italian-Swiss child and prepared him spaghetti. When the German-Swiss woman began cutting his spaghetti the Italian-Swiss child cried and yelled at her, "PLEASE DON'T CUT MY SPAGHETTI!!" Italians are very dramatic about their food.

After lunch the children and I took a long walk. There are two donkey's at the end of our rode and as far as I can tell their names are Benny and Eisel. We fed the donkey's on our walk. The children each picked an ear of corn and we walked through the corn fields. That's right THROUGH not by. I wore my new hiking boots on the walk to break them in and the children were a tremendous help in this endeavor. We climbed up several steep grassy hills and then proceeded to slide down them on our butts. SO MUCH FUN!! Elisabeth is quite the tree climber. One thing that I love about Elisabeth is that she always invites me to join in her and Emmanuel's adventures. Today, I climed a tree ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!! :) Also, SO MUCH FUN!! I think being willing to join them in all their adventures endears me to them. This walk was quite a bonding experience, and also SO MUCH FUN!!


  1. You will be an AWESOME mom someday. I love you.

  2. Lizzie another wonderful blog. As a little girl I too loved climbing trees. Your uncle Art had the perfect maple tree in front of our house I would climb and it had the perfect place for me to sit down in and I would sit there for hours on a summer day and read a book. I am glad to here you are doing well.

    Sending many blessings your way
    Your cuz CSUE

  3. Corn fields are wonderful places. When we lived in Wisc. we were surrounded by corn fields. Our baseball field that we played baseball on was next to a corn field. If you hit the ball far enough into right field it would land in the corn field and then the search was on, usually an easy home run. Unfortunately I could never hit to right field. Also I once had a great time driving through a corn field when I was in high school. There was ears of corn flying everywhere.

  4. @ Mom-Thank you!
    @ Christi-taller than me :)
    @ CSUE-That sounds perfect
    @ Dad-LOL