Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sins Know No Boundaries...Literally

This is the blog about the realization that just because my location on a map has changed doesn't mean I left my sin habits at my previous location. Pride reared its ugly head today as I realized how little I want to change. I realized I enjoy being undisciplined. I like me the way I am!

Diving into another culture by its very nature is an adventure in adaptation. My new family is very ecofriendly and likes to conserve water and energy to the best of their ability. Today I was asked to conserve water by washing clothes less often. Now, I am not someone who washes an article of clothing after I have worn it only once, but if I have done hard work in clothes and sweat in them I want to wash them straight away. As I was being told that I do not need to wash my clothes unless they have gotten something on them, some rebellious little fiend rose inside my chest and I thought, "I wish I was at home and could do my own laundry without worrying about conserving anything."

After that, I walked back into my room and repented of my initial reaction. The truth is these people live very intentional and disciplined lives. Instead of taking pride in my own way of living (truthfully there is nothing in my way of living to take pride in) I need to learn from the Walter's. So that was my prayer today. And as I prayed I told God that it was going to be like pulling teeth, because part of me didn't want to change, but I think one of the reasons that He brought me here was to show me that I need to.

Church today was great! I didn't feel out of place, though I didn't feel completely at home, but I'm sure that will come with time. The sermon was theologically sound, which was an immense relief and the worship was lively. I already met a few people briefly. One of them was an American named Kati from New York and I have plans to go with her to youth group/young adult group this next Saturday evening. I hope this goes well, because it would be so wonderful to have a solid Christian community to be apart of while I'm here. (This is a prayer request).

*For Penny if you are reading this there were a few swiss choclates at church today, but no big cheese. :(


  1. The cheese must still be maturing somewhere else. :)

  2. Elizabeth, you can count on me to be lifting you in prayer - My granddaughter is in Australia and she longs for " American Church"


  3. God is so good to move us out of our comfort zone even when we don't really want to. He can SSTTRREETTCCHH us with out breaking us. He sure has done that for me. I love you so much and look forward to the day when we eat cheese fondue together! Christmas fondue, how does that sound? You are a wonderful Godly young woman and I am so proud of you. I love you, momma