Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I won't worry my life away

Originally I was going to start this blog before I left and write about all the anxiety I was feeling about trying to pack a suitcase that was not overweight, and to express concern over interactions with my new family. I am here now, however, and all of my concerns have been proven moot.

Sometimes you know something, but an object lesson is needed to drive home the point. Traveling to Switzerland was my object lesson in learning to trust God. I know that God loves me and will take care of me, but there is something significantly more concrete about worrying and praying over something and God blessing you and answering every one of your prayers no matter how minute.

Silly as it may seem, especially for my readers who do not travel to places for MONTHS at a time, I was worried about my suitcase being overweight, because my suitcase is ALWAYS overweight. Inevitably, I am at the airport throwing things out of my checked baggage into my carry-on because I have overpacked once again. This time, however, I thought I would take the initiative and buy a luggage scale so I wouldn't create such a scene at the airport. All that this luggage scale really did for me though was cause me to unpack and repack my suitcase FOUR TIMES only to succumb to the fact that I was just going to have to pay for the overage. Here is were God comes in. I get to the airport and stand in line to check my suitcase with credit card already in hand only to have the guy behind the counter simply exhort me not to make a habit of packing an overweight bag! No charge!

My other concern was for how I would get along with the family. I have only been here one day, but they were very welcoming. It is already a bit frustrating that I can't really communicate with the children, because one of my favorite things about children is what great conversationalists they are. There is less pretense in a conversation with a child, and children are seldomly concerned with personal or social boundaries. Elisabeth and Emanuel share my frustration. They get agitated when their parents speak to me in English. They want to converse with me as much as I want to converse with them.

I am fully unpacked and I already had a few chores that I was responsible for today (dishes, laundry, and wrapping a present for a birthday party the kids will attend tomorrow). Last night Monika and I preparred lasaugna so I would only have to put it in the oven today for lunch. It was unlike any other lasaugna I have ever made. Besides ground beef, tomato sauce, and mozerella cheese there was an additional zucchini sauce that we layered. It was butter, flour, saffron, milk, and shredded zucchini.

As I write this I am sitting with the kids as they do their homework. Who knew that kids in Switzerland also have to learn to play the recorder :). Elisabeth's recorder is a cool wooden one that comes apart unlike the plastic one I had in elementary school. Elisabeth also does dance and apparently it is Emanuel's dream to tour an aircraft carrier even though Switzerland doesn't have a navy. He really likes airplanes.


  1. so glad you made it! can't wait to follow your happenings!

    love you!

  2. Well I am glad to see things are well with you. When I mail your pictures and suprise, I will see if I have some pics of the planes daddy has worked on and send them you foe Emmanuel to see. Maybe will send a pic of me in my dance costume for Elisabeth to laugh at! Look forward to seeing some pics of your new home, room and family. Love- Momma

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  4. Hey you ..Your mamas cuz here in St Louis..Wishing you love sweety. I loved seeing your pics at the airport. I really enjoyed this blog. I hope they will continue but I am sure you will become very busy very soon.God is good and as long as you keep your faith like you have done since you were a wee bitty LIL GIRL you will always be blessed! Love ya and looking for more blogs and pics
    May God Bless you you are so wonderful for everything you do
    Love you csue