Sunday, October 3, 2010

Exploring Biel

Saturday was my first real day off. It was a perfect day! I rode the train into Biel and the first thing I did was sit in a cafe across the street from the train station called Cafe Spectacullo and drink a Latte Machiatto while reading "Let the Nations Be Glad" by John Piper. I then went to three different museums. The first was called Centre PasquArt, which is a museum of Modern Art. It was interesting. Some parts I loved, other parts made the depravity of man so tangible that I wanted to vomit. Such is the world of Modern Art. Good art reveals truth. The best art reveals eternal truths. Modern Art many times reveals truths about our culture today that are actually falsehoods. It's what makes Modern Art so weighty. As you observe the different pieces you begin to mourn for those who believe lies. I call it Modern Art, but in truth it is Postmodern Art. I feel the sense of hopelessness jump out of the art and I am filled with despair as well as I realize that the worldview of the artist is without foundation. I imagine that it would be the same sensation as falling down a black hole.

The other two museums I went to were the Neuhaus Museum and Swabb Museum. The Neuhaus Museum was rather boring save the exhibit on the history of cinematography. The Swabb Museum was an archaeological museum with pieces from a dig in the area. There was a lot of Roman pieces including a lamp with a χρ (chi rho) the first to letters of Christ in greek. It is one of the earliest Christian symbols. This was really cool to see. It shows that Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire even as far as where Switzerland is located today.

I had lunch at Pizzeria Momo. I walked in and no one was in the place but Momo himself. He realized I only spoke English so he sat me down at the same table he was sitting at and showed me the menu. There were all types of pizza but I chose one called Pizza Momo, because I like Momo, so I was sure to like his pizza as well. It was the first time that I had real Italian pizza and it was GREAT!! It had olives, onions, eggplant, spinach and cheese of course. I ate half the pizza and carried around the other half the rest of the day. I ate the other half for dinner sitting on a bench in a beautiful promenade. Momo also gave me a fig to go and a free coffee before my pizza. I liked Momo.

The rest of the day I spent exploring the "Old Town" of Biel. It is beautiful. There will be pictures on Facebook. I went into a cathedral in Old Town. I don't know how old it was, but it looked like they had begun to restore old frescos that had been painted over.

That evening I went to a Saturday evening service at Jahu (the church the Walter's and I attend). I thought the Village was a young church. Jahu is filled with youth and young adults and there is a huge emphasis on this age group. An unhealthy emphasis. I met some American girls who are staying and studying at a YWAM base nearby. I keep praying for a really good friend here. Everytime I meet someone here it seems so superficial, but I know that relationships take time to develop. 

All in all it was a pretty dang good Saturday!!


  1. Lizzie!! I loved reading this!! Sounds like you are having a great time! I will be praying for you to find a good friend. I know what to pray for. Been there, done that. It's tough to be there and feel all alone. Don't give up and don't stop blogging. : ) Love ya!!

  2. I can't wait for you to show me around the beaty of Switzerland. I admire your spunk!

  3. Hello Elizabeth I think I would really enjoy the archaeology museum, I like seeing artifacts from cultures that no longer exist. Sounds like you had a great day. I think I would like Momo also, how could you not like a guy with a name like Momo. Keep exploring and have fun.

  4. I really love reading your blogs...and I really want to meet Momo. In my head I imagine a very large bald man with a great laugh...oh Momo. :) I'll be praying that God brings you a friend you can trust, a friend who loves our Lord above all. Miss you! I need to figure out the skype thing on Pat's computer so I can chat with you!